While swimming in the pool, she lost her locker key.

Lenora and Charlie are thinking about divorce.

I passed the exam without studying.

I've never wanted to be anything else but a teacher.

The painting looks great, but you hung it a little crooked.

I was expecting it to be a bad book, but damn me if it wasn't quite good after all.


I often read books.

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Who should I believe now?

This is never going to happen.

She's going out to dinner with Ethan.


Let's fire Konstantinos.

This pamphlet is free of charge.

I'm afraid I can't talk about that.

He gave way to the temptation again.

Get him!


The writer is very popular because he expresses himself well.

I'll help find her.

In the near vacuum of space, there is no air or ambient temperature, since there is no air.


He was chosen by election.

I have allergies.

It looks hideous.


Is it OK if I bring a guest?

Time is not money. - Time is life.

You'll be more than welcome.

The last time I smoked was well over a year ago.

What'll you pack?


There were people everywhere.

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I just got a letter from Brazil.

I'll never forget that night.

During the past several years, many Japanese have been either killed or injured while traveling overseas.

The problem was too much for me.

You upset the entire place!

Due to his high grades, he will inevitably be accepted to the university.

I had nothing else to do.


Anna bought three dozen eggs.

You must not smoke while working.

The word lends itself to beginners.

What's the matter with them?

What kind of monkeys are those?

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I didn't want Ahmet worrying about me.

I'm special.

He does not like to wait until the last moment to do a thing.


Can I tell him?

Is it true that in England, the queen reigns, but does not govern?

Tor says he's spotted something out of the ordinary.


I think that's your car.

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We are victorious.

My cat doesn't like to get wet.

You ought to take advantage of this opportunity, for it may not come again.

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Her hair was similar in color to mine.


I did not see the sign.

Do you want a glass of water?

Do you want soup?

My uncle called on a woman.

I went to Cris's house the night before he died.

Despite being in different high schools, Widia and Susan still get along well.

Winston said he didn't plan on going with us.

I met a friend there.

She forgot to feed her dog.

I want you to lead.

The bus has a ten-minute delay.

How long has it been since you played with a yo-yo?

Are you really the one who did that?

You're going to make a great dad.

If I should fail again, I would give up the plan.


Brazil is hosting the Olympic Games.


What's the name of the folk song that Mr. Tsugi sang in that TV drama?

This case is complex.

Are you trying to escape?

Does she work in the kitchen?

Maybe I wasn't there that night.

If you have nothing to say, say nothing.

The speaker illustrated the theory with examples.

Tell Patty that I'll be calling him.

We think Warren might be in Boston.

Fate is too serious to be left to chance.

I apologized profusely for my being late.

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Betsy knows why Harvey decided not to go on the picnic with John.

You should take it with you.

They are lazy. I can't understand such people.

This room is awfully cold.

The girl had grown up without any money and when she married she became a spendthrift.

Guests arrived by twos and threes.

Nelken wants to keep Len on his good side.

Jeffery and Amy got matching tattoos.

I'm feeling stressed.


I am here on holiday.


You're the last person in the world I would like to see cloned; you're boring enough on your own.

When do you work?

The words fail you just when you need them.

There Akai joins them and it becomes a free-for-all in front of the finish line.

I don't want to tell Ramsey.

Cathrin didn't commit those crimes.

This is the place where he killed himself.

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I've always been proud of him.

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In Germany, the Italian mafia is an underestimated problem.

It always takes time to get to know someone well.

I should give him a call.


Don't be a wallflower.

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My new job leaves me little time to socialize.

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We're going to find her.

We regarded his behavior as childish.

Not just 'child's independence'. Parents must also become independent of their children.

The city has many beautiful parks.

Why did you actually get divorced if you still live together?

I studied mathematics under Dr. Brown.

No one knows what'll happen in the future.

The risks are too great.

Dave enjoys watching old black and white movies on YouTube.

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Do you want me to open this now?

I wish I had eaten something else.

She is getting married this fall.

Nobody told me about the meeting.

Louie took a picture of her mother with her cell phone.


Jose wants to lose some fat, but Morgan thinks that she shouldn't.

Our baseball diamond is very small.

I thought it must be something like that.

I didn't even know you had a horse.

That was weird.


I've finally made a decision.

I used to know a guy that grew up in Boston.

Roxanne has been in there for almost three hours now.

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Are you telling me that you can't understand French?

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When was the last time you brushed your teeth?

My father goes to Sydney twice a year on business.

It's hotter here in the valley than in the mountains.

In the morning I'm taking the first ferry to Greece.

Matthieu took off his bicycle helmet and put it on the table.

That girl is walking slowly.

Somebody needs to hire Sean.

I don't like your friends. They're always complaining.

I know she is sleeping.


She's a good kisser.

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I've got to find Sridharan.

She spends a lot of money when she goes abroad.

Intonation is very important. It can completely change the meaning.

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Which is mine?

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I'm pretty sure that Jagath doesn't like Rees.


After being injured on the job, Suu's initial plan to sue his employer was halted when he was informed that the same law that had required his employer to carry Worker's Compensation Insurance for its employees also defined Claudia as a statutory employee, and thus he had no legal right to file a separate tort claim.

I know where Ross went last weekend.

I was off duty at the time.

That sure sounds ominous.

I don't wish to be rescued.

IBM has the lion's share of the large computer market; nobody else even comes close.

You must know him pretty well.

Your children are so charming!

That's the rule.

Someone gave the criminal away to the police.

Thanks for taking them fishing.

This pleased them worst of all.

I'll bring Brent to you.

Louiqa has never done anything like that.

I went as far as Kyoto by train.


Bill tapped me on the shoulder.

Earth has a core of molten iron-nickel.

Let's just rest here for a little while, my feet are aching so much I can't walk.


Could you tell me your present address?

What's your cat's name?

It would be difficult.

I know why they're in trouble.

Tahsin wants an apple.


I guess they really weren't hungry.